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Wil van der Niet

As a nominee for the Royal Talens Award in 2014 and 2019, Van der Niet is an example of a plein air painter ‘pur sang’. And with an own signature. Impasto sea scapes and flower still lifes are painted with brush and palette knife. Colours are mainly held in tones, not interrupting the suggestion of light and space.



14 Zelfportret

12x9 cm

olieverf op board



15 Zomerstorm

30x40 cm

olieverf op doek

€ 425,-

18 Uitwaaien in Noordwijk

30x30 cm

olieverf op doek

€ 325,-


65 Woning in de wind

40x40 cm

olieverf op doek

€ 475,- 

66 Vijftig tinten grijs

24x30 cm

olieverf op doek